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Boom! How Loud Are Fireworks, Really?

We all know that fireworks are loud. But have you ever wondered just how loud they get, and why it’s so important to prioritise safety around those explosive displays? Let’s dive into the science of sound and understand the impact of fireworks. Understanding Decibels (dB) Loudness is measured in decibels (dB). Here’s a quick guide […]

Fireworks: Why They Terrify Our Pets and How You Can Help

Fireworks bring joy to many of us, but for our furry companions, the loud bangs, flashes, and strange smells can evoke fear and anxiety. Understanding why pets react this way is the first step in helping them cope during firework season. Why Fireworks Scare Pets How to Help Your Pet During Fireworks Season Be Patient […]

Fireworks: Did You Know? Mind-Blowing Facts and Figures

Fireworks are a staple of celebrations worldwide, but beyond the vibrant colours and dazzling displays, there’s a world of fascinating facts lurking behind those explosive bursts of light. Let’s dive in and discover some mind-boggling firework trivia! “Fire Master of England” is a Real Job: This official position dates back to the 1600s. This royal […]

Light Up Your Love: The Ultimate Guide to DIY Wedding Fireworks

Your wedding day is a celebration of a lifetime – a day filled with love, laughter, and memories to cherish. Make it truly unforgettable by adding a touch of magic to your evening reception with a dazzling DIY fireworks display. Total Fireworks is here to help make your wedding shine brighter than ever before. Why […]

DIY Fireworks Displays Made Easy


Aylesbury, are you ready to light up the night with your own custom fireworks display? Ditch the crowded public events and take charge with a spectacular DIY show. Total Fireworks, your local Aylesbury firework shop, is here to equip you with everything you need to become a backyard firework maestro. Why Choose a DIY Fireworks […]

Make Their Birthday Sparkle – Dazzling Fireworks Displays

International fireworks festival display at night

Birthdays deserve more than just cake and confetti – they deserve to be celebrated with a spectacular bang! Total Fireworks has everything you need to make their birthday celebration truly shine with a personalised fireworks display. Why Choose Fireworks for a Birthday? Plan the Perfect Birthday Fireworks Extravaganza Total Fireworks makes it simple to tailor […]

Why Choose a DIY Home Celebration Display?

Colourful firework display background

Whether it’s a milestone birthday, an intimate anniversary, or simply a Friday night with loved ones, there’s always a reason to add some sparkle to your life with a personalised fireworks display. Ditch the public events and design your own backyard extravaganza with the help of Total Fireworks! Why Choose a DIY Home Celebration Display? […]

The Ultimate Guide to DIY Home Garden Fireworks Displays

Colourful red fireworks in the night sky

Transform your garden into a theatre of light and sound with a dazzling DIY fireworks display! Whether it’s a special occasion, a cosy family get-together, or simply wanting to add magic to an ordinary evening, fireworks are a spectacular way to make memories. Total Fireworks is here to help you make it happen. Why Host […]

Tips for the Perfect DIY Display

Colourful fireworks display at night

There’s something magical about creating your very own back garden fireworks extravaganza – the thrill of selection, the anticipation of the first launch, and the bursts of colour painting the night sky. With Total Fireworks, you can transform any occasion into an unforgettable celebration with dazzling DIY displays. Why Choose a DIY Home Display? Total […]

Light Up Your Love: Anniversary Fireworks for a Celebration That Sparkles

Celebrate Your Anniversary with a Bang! Dazzling Fireworks Displays Anniversaries are a time to celebrate milestones in your relationship: the journey you’ve shared and the love that blooms with each passing year. Why not mark this special occasion with a spectacular fireworks display that lights up the night sky and echoes the joy in your […]