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Fireworks: Did You Know? Mind-Blowing Facts and Figures

Fireworks are a staple of celebrations worldwide, but beyond the vibrant colours and dazzling displays, there’s a world of fascinating facts lurking behind those explosive bursts of light. Let’s dive in and discover some mind-boggling firework trivia!

“Fire Master of England” is a Real Job: This official position dates back to the 1600s. This royal appointee has been responsible for organizing and executing firework displays for coronations and other events of national significance.

They Can Help Clean Up Pollution: Scientists are experimenting with adding metal particles to fireworks that can bind to pollutants in the air during the explosion, potentially helping to reduce contamination after major displays.

The Colour Blue is the Trickiest: While reds, greens, and golds are relatively easy for firework manufacturers, achieving a true, vibrant blue is notoriously difficult. This is due to the specific temperatures required to excite copper compounds and produce that elusive hue.

A 22-Hour Party: Hong Kong rang in the New Year in 1996 with an epic chain of firecrackers lasting 22 hours. Talk about a long-lasting celebration!

Fireworks Were Once Mostly Orange: Before the 1830s, most fireworks produced orange or white shades. The addition of various metal salts revolutionized fireworks, leading to the vast palette of colors we enjoy today.

The Science of Fireworks: Those dazzling colours and effects don’t happen by magic! There are 18 key elements used in fireworks, including aluminium, calcium, potassium, and strontium. Each plays a role in creating those brilliant displays.

They Weren’t Always for Celebrations: Fireworks originated with a more practical use – to scare away evil spirits! The Chinese believed the loud bangs and flashes would ward off bad luck.

Fireworks & Royalty: Britain’s love of fireworks goes way back. The first recorded use of fireworks in England was in 1486, during the wedding celebrations of King Henry VII!

Record-Breaking Display: Think fireworks shows are short? Think again! The world’s largest fireworks display took place in Norway last November, setting off a staggering 540,382 fireworks in a spectacle lasting 20 minutes!

Light vs. Sound: Ever notice how you see a firework explode before you hear it? That’s because the speed of light (671 million mph) far outpaces the speed of sound (768 mph). A dramatic difference!

A Chocolatey Extravaganza: Ready for a sweet surprise? Back in 2002, a city in Switzerland got treated to a one-of-a-kind firework – one filled with 60 kilograms of delectable Swiss Cailler chocolate! This massive firework stood 3 meters tall and 1.5 meters wide.

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