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Professional Firework Displays

If it is some seriously awesome professional firework displays you are in need of, then you had better take a look at our sister company ‘Total Pyro Ltd’ to create a spectacular, expertly designed, firework display for you!


We use only ‘Cat 4’ or what are now called ‘F4’, under the new CE standard. These are professional display fireworks (not available for sale to the general public) and are generally more intense an spectactualr. These ‘high flash powder’ products, when combined with state of the art electric firing systems, produce stunning pyrotechnic wizardry! Lighting up the night sky with a myriad of phenomenal effects to excite the audience! And why not select a favourite piece of music and have your fireworks display choreographed to each beat!

Pricing for a professional firework displays designed by Total Pyro display start at just £500. Take a look through our extensive ‘Video Gallery’ of recently fired displays you will get a terrific feel for not only the style and format but also the cost, as this is highlighted by each video.

Fireworks Display Video

We try, and most instances do, take video of most of the fireworks displays we fire. And of course several days after the event provide you will a copy so you can relive the experinece again and again! This also mean is that we have videos of displays we have fired at numerous venues, so we can look to supply we these prior to your display, so you can get a feel for what your event will be like!

Prior to the display we work as closly with you as you want in designing the display. But also with the venue, if approrpiate, to ensure they are happy with what we are planning! They will also be supplied with a risk assessment, site study and our insurance details and summary display sheet. We will ensure that all interested parties and kept informed of all the display details to ensure things run smoothly.

But if a professional firework display is not what you are after. And you would rather enjoy the fun of lighting your own fireworks take a look at the awesome range of high products we have available right here!