• This is a great selection box of 15  larger fireworks set for an impressive garden display. 2 x fountains, 3 x 7 shot barrages, 1 x 9 shot barrage, 2 x roman candles, 1 x sparklers, 6 x rockets..  
  • Platinum

    Awesome, high powder content selection box which includes mainly large burstly aerial effects! 2 x fountains, 4 x 7 shot barrage, 3 x 9 shot barrages, 2 x roman candles, 1 x sparklers, 9 x rockets Product Specification
  • Twilight

    A wonderful collection of 17 mixed effect low noise fireworks selection box and contains a 21 shot barrage  
  • This Lucky Stars selection box contains 10 fountains that display multiple effects such as crackles, multicolour flashes, and few bangs. It also has 4 roman candles which shot out an array of multicoloured stars and comets. Altogether this is a great little display for amazing value. Product Specification
  • Bonfire


    A spectacular selection box, ideal for any back garden. Impress your young guests with the Bonfire Selection Box - 16 slightly larger fireworks with a mix of roman candles and fountains.  This Selection Box packs is amazing value for money.

  • Night Sky

    Night Sky contains 15 larger fireworks, including 4 cakes, 2 mines and 2 rockets, with mostly aeria effects.