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Fireworks Henley

Fireworks Henley is a premier fireworks distributor covering Henley and all the surrounding areas within Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. We’re open every day throughout the year to supply fireworks for all occasions. So whether it is Guy Fawkes, a birthday celebration, wedding or corporate party are always available to make your event go with a bang! We carry huge stock levels all year round, and when combined with decades of professional experience, it means you’re in safe hands and you’ll get the best fireworks money can buy!

At Fireworks Henley we sell the best quality and most powerful fireworks in the UK from leading manufacturers and importers. We personally review and assess every product we sell, and as a result, we can use this knowledge to ensure you ae purchasing just the right products for your event. And if in doubt, you can watch videos of every single product we sell so that you can personally get a feel of how it will perform.

We have an extensive range of products. Our full range can be viewed at our retail outlet or on this website. Large orders from our website will qualify for free delivery! This is on top of the already discounted fireworks we sell.

Free Delivery

That’s right, free delivery all year round for large orders! And then on the run up to Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve we will have a special delivery deal, meaning that any order over £100 will qualify for free delivery!

Whatever the type of event you’re holding, if fireworks form part of it, then Fireworks Henley will add a huge slice of pyro magic to your night!

History And Chemistry Of FireWorks

The historical development gunpowder, started with the cavemen are half a million years ago! Then onto Chinese alchemists in the eighth century, through the modern day fireworks we purchase in shops throughout the world. If you want to find out more information about the history and chemistry of fireworks this document is an extremely interesting and compelling read.

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