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Fireworks Buckingham provides an unrivalled level of expertise and experience within the pyrotechnics arena. We have the knowledge, experience and products combined with a barrage or regular pricing promotions, an unbeatable combination!

We are a dependable and reputable local fireworks company offering a wide range of fireworks that can be collected or delivered throughout the year. And we can move fast, ordered can be process the same day in most cases, feel free to call and put us to the test!

We are extremely passionate about pyrotechnics! We have been in the industry now for more than 19 years. This means that when shopping from us, we can pass on our knowledge and help you to create a stunning display using the most suitable products. You are in safe hands with us, we will personally make sure that you have everything needed to ensure your firework event runs as smoothly as our professional fired displays.  Our specialists will aid you when making your purchase, making you aware of how to set-up and fire the display, as well as appropriate safety procedures to follow.

Fireworks Buckingham is not a seasonal fireworks shop like many other retailers, we are open all year round to provide our professional services. Whether you’re having a bonfire night, New Year’s party, birthday celebration, wedding, or you just fancy letting off some fireworks in the safety of your garden, we have you covered, and always will. Our shop being open by appointment 24/7, all year means that we can bring the pure joy and magic of pyrotechnics to our customers whether fireworks are required.

We have an enormous selection of fireworks available to view from either our online store, or retail outlet. We stock everything from Catherine wheels to rockets to large multi-shot barrages, we even have coloured smoke bombs! But if you’re unsure on which fireworks to purchase, then worry not; we will almost certainly have something ideal for your event, however small or large.  And we will support every step of the way to help find the best products at the best prices!

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