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Firework Shop Henley is your local firework retailer, selling high-end premium quality fireworks, with discounts and promotions running throughout year! Probably the easiest way to find exactly what you want is through this website; with so many different products the options are endless! So if you need some help beyond the videos and detail descriptions found for each online, please don’t hesitate to call us for some help. Whether in the shop or over the telephone we can recommend the most suitable products according to your requirements, providing you with knowledge of the products and how to organize the set up for your firework event. Not only are the products stunning in their performance but extremely reliable, that’s what comes from sourcing the products from the world’s most celebrated firework manufacturers.

So no matter whatsoever the occasion, whether you are looking to light some retail fireworks yourself to having us conduct a professionally fired display for you, we can offer the service. Last year we conducted over 50 professional displays and serviced more than 600 retail customers, it was a great year and resulted numerous positive reviews.

And at Firework Shop Henley, you can always speak to somewhat who is passionate out the fireworks at your event and can process the order and organize a collection or delivery super quick! In most instances same day 365 days a year! Also bear in mind that we are specialists in our field and that means that whatever your request we will undoubtable have the experience necessary to make it happen. From ‘Fireworks Writing’ to ‘Indoor Pyrotechnics’ to ‘Film Set Special Effects’, always ask, we have a very knowledgeable team!

Safety issue are of course crucial when using fireworks and if ever you have any concerns please contact us we can assess their impact. Always read the instructions prior to lighting a firework and follow the firework code.

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