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Discount Fireworks Maidenhead

If you are looking for simply the most stunning retail fireworks available, Discount Fireworks Maidenhead provide everything you could possible need. Feel free to browse and purchase online or if you want to by fireworks over the counter instead, come at visit us at our retail outlet. From single ignition fireworks, rockets, wheels, fountains, mines, selection boxes and  sparklers, our prices and our service is second to none!

Not only do we supply Maidenhead and all the surrounding areas, but we distribute to in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire. We’re open throughout the year to providing fireworks for any occasion. So whether it is a wedding, birthday celebration, birthday or New Year’s party. We always carry a plenty of stock, and with a wealth of knowledge and experience, we will ensure that you get the best fireworks money can buy whatever your requirements.

You can browse and pick your favourite display fireworks by watching demo videos in product descriptions or buy one of our DIY Firework Display Packs which have been handpicked by our team of experts to create brilliant displays guaranteed to thrill your audience. And by watching the video and reading the detailed product information you can get an excellent idea of which firework from our range is exactly what you are looking for.

All fireworks within the Discount Fireworks Maidenhead range can be delivered next day and at vastly reduced prices and in many instances will qualify for free delivery!
Despite how tricky it can be to delivery fireworks safely we have negotiated a deal with a local courier that allows us to offer free delivery free delivery all year round for large orders! And on the run up to Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve we will have a special delivery option, meaning that any order that’s over £100 will qualify for free delivery.

At Discount Fireworks Maidenhead we sell the best quality and some of the most powerful fireworks in the UK for over 19 years. We individually pick the most impressive products from the leading manufacturers. The most spectacular, impressive and reliable items, this allows us to discuss our fireworks confident in the knowledge that they will provide the awe and wonder all our customers are looking for.

As Maidenhead’s premier discount fireworks supplier, we take safety extremely seriously and pass on our professional knowledge to educate customers on how to best use our products safely and effectively. If you have any questions or queries feel free to ask our team who can point you in the right direction with your choice of fireworks and how to safely set them up.

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