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Discount Fireworks Gerrards Cross

Are you looking for a selection of stunning fireworks at highly discounted price, if so then Discount Fireworks Gerrards Cross can help! Not only do we have a vast array of stock that we can supply all year round, our delivery and collection service mean that, if required, your order can be processed the same day. You can of course organize you order online but maybe you would rather visit our shop or discuss your requirements over the telephone. Either way you will meet a passionate member of the team ready to help an whatever way they can. Top notch fireworks are obviously underpin the success of the company but it is the customer service that means we see the same faces year after year. From designing displays personal displays to recommending products and set-up formats, whatever your quert, just ask… we are here to provide solutions!

At Discount Fireworks Gerrards Cross we make sure that whatever the event from a ‘gender reveal’ party to an anniversary we will do out level best to make sure the firework finale goes perfectly. I always feel that fireworks are not just about the ‘WOW’ on the evening but the memories created for weeks and months to come. The most popular way of creating this stunning display is through the use of barrages or cakes. These are individual multi-shot fireworks that fire numerous aerial effects into the sky over set durations from 3osecs up to 5mins!   But these only form part of an extensive range: selections boxes, rocket’s, mines, wheels, sparklers, fountains and even smoke grenades, are all great additions to any display!

When it comes to an occasion that needs to some a little extra in the celebrations some people choose to have a professional fireworks display fired by Discount Fireworks Gerrards Cross. This means that we do everything thing for you from designing the display, firing it to cleaning up afterwards. And we will be using professional display fireworks that are more intense in both color and effect. Why not have us set the display to a music track of your choice?… the possibilities are endless!

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